Bill Clinton’s Chocolate Lab Buddy

Bill Clinton’s Buddy “Budweiser” September 1997 – January, 2002

Bill Clinton's Chocolate Lab Buddy

Bill Clinton loves his labs, early picture of Buddy.

Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog in the United States. In Labrador Life we thought it would be fun to cover some famous labs and celebrity lab lovers out there. Labs are not lap dogs or an accessory, they are best friends matched with true dog lovers. So regardless of what you may think of famous lab owners, you can add lab lover to your perspective…

Bill Clinton was a true lab lover. Bill Clinton’s Chocolate Labrador “Budweiser” affectionately known to the rest of the world as Buddy (apparently after a departed beloved Uncle of Bill’s or savvy PR) lived in the White House as an official Presidential pet. Buddy’s White House days included many photo-ops of playing ball, going for runs and being snuggled… yet life was not all roses on the White House lawn. “Socks”, the White House cat, didn’t get along with the energetic, young Chocolate Lab.

It was Either Buddy or Socks

Keeping Socks and Buddy separated wasn’t difficult in the White House. At the end of his final term though our President had to make a difficult decision. Bill Clinton’s house in New York was much smaller than the 55,000 square foot home office of the leader of the free world. The home wasn’t big enough for a feuding cat and a youthful Chocolate Lab. Despite being a Democrat supported by liberal cat owners everywhere, Bill Clinton choose to take Buddy with him to NY and gave Socks to the White House Press Secretary Bettie Currie.

"I'm voting republican." Socks- The White House Cat

"I'm voting republican." Socks- The White House Cat

Tragically Buddy was killed at 4 years old when he was struck accidentally by a vehicle while chasing a contractor at the Chappaqua, New York home. Bill Clinton, smitten by the breed and no doubt mourning his lost friend, soon found another Chocolate lab he named Seamus… yeah Budweiser and Seamus it is Bill Clinton folks…

Bill Clinton has his fans and his critics but without a doubt he is a true lab lover.

Buddy and Seamus were breed by Wild Goose Kennels, Federalsburgh, MD


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